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Be Kind To Yourself.

The past couple of weeks have been…revelatory? Is that the word? I am not quite sure that is even a word to be honest as the dictionary is refusing to accept it but lets just say I have been shifting between a plethora of emotions ranging from melancholy to happiness to ecstatic and right back down to melancholy.

I felt slightly worn out and not in the physical sense I assure you but more mentally. It is a multitude of things that has triggered its onset such as working out how to break into the international development sector without doing a blasted internship…how to balance a very demanding job alongside postgraduate study…the list goes on…

And after speaking to a few women that I have the privilege of knowing, I realised that I am not the only one. We are all going through one frustration or another in relation to ‘where we should be’ and what ‘we should be doing’. Don’t get me wrong, we are happy and we can indeed count our blessings but there are other things that we are struggling to balance and/or desire that just hasn’t materialised yet and it has caused us to be hyper-critical to say the least

But I just want to share one statement with you that my lovely friend Phyllis told me last week: Be kind to yourself.

Celebrate you. You may not have all your ducks in a row but you are enroute to where you need to be. You deserve to be treated well so start with how you treat you.