Ivanka Trump

The Trump Card…

To say that I am excited about Something Borrowed, the highly anticipated women’s career event is an understatement; I am elated and I cannot wait to benefit from the wisdom that will be shared by our fantastic line up of speakers.

So in the run up to the event, I have decided to do a feature on some of my favourite boss ladies each week. First up, we have Miss Ivanka Trump…

‘I’ve never had a sense of entitlement. I saw how hard my father worked for his money and it was always made very clear that things wouldn’t just be given to me.’

Ivanka Trump is the embodiment of wit, intellect and beauty. Not one to shy away from hard work, she is the businesswoman extraordinaire having successfully launched a clothing and jewellery line (entitled ‘Ivanka Trump’) which has taken chic city chicks by storm stateside. And as well as having a successful stint at fashion, she is also the Executive Director of Development and Acquisition at the Trump organisation. Wife to Jared Kushner and mother to Arabella Rose Kushner, she has racked up quite a few notches in her belt considering that she is only 30. Articulate and astute, she has firmly solidified her place in my gallery of inspirational women.

True, perhaps she did have a better head start than most of us given that she is the daughter of one of the most revered realtors of all time, billionaire Donald Trump. And I can already hear chants of ‘nepotism’ from the Ivanka-sceptics who find it hard to believe that she has ever had to work a day in her life for anything. But she has and indeed still is. Far from living up to the stereotype of being ‘Daddy’s Little Rich Girl,’ Ivanka Trump actually has the business acumen that is needed to survive in such a cut throat, male dominated environment. She is a melting pot of cleverness, class and charisma – and her contemporaries (e.g. Paris Hilton- the less that is said about her, the better) could most certainly take a leaf out of her book and learn a few things.

So Ivanka Trump, we salute you for being an exemplar woman of excellence. Oh I think this would also be the appropriate time to mention that she is also an author so if anyone is thinking of getting me a Christmas gift, I think ‘The Trump card; Playing to Win in Work and Life’ would certainly win me over…



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