Nice Girls Don’t Get The Corner Office

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I have been reading ‘Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office’ by Lois P Frankel  for the last couple of weeks and let’s just say its slowly becoming my Holy Grail for work. In terms of books that are quite career focused, I don’t think I have read anything this revolutionary (ok maybe the word ‘revolutionary’ is a bit of an exaggeration but you get my drift) since ‘Rules of Work’. I have been unable to contain my excitement so I thought I would delve deeper and share her thoughts on one of the mistakes that women commonly make: not asking for what they are rightfully entitled to.

The truth hurts and the assertion that women tend not to ask for what they are entitled is a hard pill to swallow. It has been approximately 5 years since I graduated and I most certainly still fall victim to not asking for what I know I am rightfully entitled to. Lois P Frankel stresses the importance of not waiting to be given what is owed to you- but going out and asking for it! She suggests that as women we:

  • Mentally prepare requests in advance
  • Separate being liked from getting what you deserve – they are mutually exclusive
  • Carefully choose your times for asking for what you want or deserve; timing is everything; make sure you time your requests.

I like this book also because it is practical; there are action points at the end of each chapter and you tick them each time you achieve one; I am a hands of kind of person so this is right up my street.

Rating: 8/10


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