Confident Woman by Joyce Meyer

As a woman it is very important to be confident and one of the reasons why I like Joyce Meyer is because she not afraid to talk about weaknesses. In a world where as a Christian, a lot of us put our best foot forward and dress up the exterior to hide the emotional turmoil going on inside, Joyce Meyer is a breath of fresh air because she herself knows what it means to do this and is all about getting into the real issues we face in life. I was given this book by my gorgeous big sister as she is always pumping me with lessons on womanhood. It was a good read, although it took a while to get into the crux of it; I tend to like everything to be straight to the point so it took a while to get started. However, that’s not to fault it because when you finally do get to the meat, it is definitely worth the wait. Joyce teaches us why fear can rob you of your future and how confidence requires us to be confident even when we don’t feel confident. She gives great examples of her own personal experience too which is one thing I do love. I don’t like to be told about how to overcome something if you yourself haven’t been through it…
Rating: 7/10

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