Vichy Skincare range

03 May 2012…..

VICHY – Out with the Old, in with the new….

I have very oily skin and for the past 4 years or so I swore by the Seaweed range from Body Shop. It seemed to be working all this while but I could honestly swear that my skin became immune to it and the shine returned with full force! I became extremely frustrated with putting on my favourite bronzer and then looking like a sweat bag by the time church service was over so I decided to boycott the Seawood range and venture out for something new!!

My lovely cousin Tope recommended Vichy and because her skin had literally undergone a rapid transformation in the four weeks that she had been using it, I decided to give it ago and the results have been amazing!!! Not only is my skin mattified but it has also reduced my pores and got rid of the irregular texture near my cheeks. Although it has set me back a cool £35, I will definitely be embarking on a permanent love affair with the Vichy skincare range.

Rating: 8/10!!!


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