Sleek Sheen Lipstick in Naked

Sleek Sheen Lipstick in Naked

Sleek Sheen Lipstick in Naked

21 May 2012: Sleek Sheen Lipstick – colour: Naked

I have developed a new found love for vlogs and because my current job is so demanding (I am presently working on the London 2012 Games and with less than 70 days to go until the opening ceremony, the word pressure doesn’t even cut it!), I often cant be bothered to go shopping for anything at the weekend! But thanks to the likes of Shirley Eniang ( and Liz Liz Live (, they help to cut out half the time spent in MAC cowering over the large array of products due to their fantastic recommendations!! Keep up the good work ladies…And I cannot do this post without giving a special thanks to Mary, Kofo and Oyinkan who undoubtedly make me feel normal about my new found obsession! 🙂

SO..I have been dying to get a nude lipstick because I am the less is more kinda-girl (that’s not to say that I dont like other shades of lipstick because I do..) and after failing miserably with a few purchases that went terribly wrong, I decided to try the Sleek Sheen lipstick in the colour Naked thanks to Liz Liz Live’s recommendation, and I love it!

Beautiful matte finish and has a lovely, velvety texture too.. definitely a keeper although it doesnt last for as long as I would like. Retails at £4.00 so its an absolute bargain..happy days.. 🙂

Rating: 8/10


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