Welcome to my blog!

I can’t really sum up this blog in a few words but I can at least try and articulate what the purpose of this blog is for those of you that may be skeptical to trust anyone that goes by the name of ‘LadyWrites..’ (follow me on twitter @Lady_Writes).

Contrary to initial expectation, this is not a blog that aims to propel the feminist movement. And whilst I am in support of some of the things that the feminism movement stands for, it is not the sole purpose of this blog…(although you may sense a slight undertone of feminism in some of my articles tagged under Womanhood; men: enter at your own peril…)

I started this blog because due to the stresses of my job, I needed a way to vent, switch off and do something that was fun but yet spoke to my passions and one of them being namely (yes you guessed it) writing. I love to write. I could write for hours on end in the corner of my room and get optimum fulfillment from it (I am easily pleased, I know). And most of the things I write about tend to be about the following things:

  • My faith – it defines me, it’s the moral code that I strive to live by
  • My career – it pushes me to unprecedented heights, challenges and stretches me
  • Womanhood – the new season that I entered into in January 2012 having turned a quarter of a century. I started to consider all the things I would need to do in the next season of my life; all the things that I would need to learn given that I can now officially be deemed a woman
  • Politics – it is multifacted and constantly evolving just like me

So I hope I have given you enough to chew on…thanks for taking the time out to check out my blog! I hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy writing them…


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