Reviews: My Top 5 Web Series

One of the best pieces of advice that I ever received came from my Lover who suggested that you should ‘carve out time for the things you love’. This blog is a direct result of that advice. However, carving out time for the things you love is something that I have found very difficult; I am sure I am not alone in this. We live in an age where indeed time is something that we are constantly chasing after.

Nevertheless, I have gotten a lot better at being protective over my time in order to make room for things that are good for my soul 🙂 And one of those things are watching webseries. It has become a Sunday ritual and it is the perfect way for me to unwind before the chaotic week ahead. So this post, is another review but this time on my favourite webseries. Hopefully some of you may be fans already or you may be new to this world of cyber entertainment. Scroll down and have a look at what tickles your fancy. And for the big sister Evelyn, I hope you will appreciate this given that very soon you will have a lot more time on your hands 🙂

Life of Hers 

Life of Hers is a drama series that follows the lives of four millennial black, British women who navigate their way through the complexities of life as a young 20something year old. In addition to exploring the intricate details of friendship, love, family, career and relationships, it also highlights the difficulty of contending with an inherited culture of our parents as well as the culture with which you have been submerged into as a result of being born outside the shores of Africa.

Kaima, Hodan, Cassandra and Valentine all represent a voice which every young woman can identify with. Life never moves along a linear path and Life of Hers demonstrates that. Created by the uber-talented Samantha Chioma, I love this series because of the intelligence that shines through; I could listen to the radio broadcasts over and over again. I was proud to watch such a positive portrayal of young black women with my 18 year old cousin. My favourite character is Hodan whose internal battles resonated strongly.

Watch Season One here and let me know who you identify with most. You can also find out more about Season Two @LifeOfHersUK.

An African City 

Along the same corollary as Life of Hers, An African City follows the lives of five women, expatriates living in the beautiful city of Accra, Ghana. I think that this series reminds me of Sex and The City with high fashion, beautiful women and stories that are all interwoven. Nana Ya is my favourite character and Season Two ends with the ultimate cliffhanger…

Follow @AnAfricanCity to find out more about the series as well as when the highly anticipated Season Three will be released.

Gidi Up 

Gidi Up is a drama series that explores the lives of young men and women who live life in the fast lane in Lagos, Nigeria. It takes a while to get into it, but once you do, its absolutely addictive. I loved this show with passion because it shows the luxurious and breathtakingly beautiful parts of Nigeria dispelling the myths that the media has helped to create. I cannot wait for Season Three and in this series, Eki is my favourite character – super intelligent and a lover of culture and the arts; she is a woman after my own heart!

Follow @GidiUp_ to join the conversation and to find out more about the release of Season Three.

Brothers With No Game

Brothers With No Game was my first taster of a web series and so is my first love! Brilliant potrayal of black, British talent, it follows the lives of four friends (I spot a trend going on here!) who struggle with their respective love lives! The show has a very strong social media following and has successfully secured a slot on London Live. Dorian, is my favourite character 🙂 Watch all episodes of Season One and Season Two and let me know what you think; I really do think it is a refreshing and unconventional portrayal of black men.

Tweet them @TheBWNG


This reminds me ever so slightly of Top Boy and I was slightly reluctant to watch it at first but I must admit I have gotten into it a fair bit. This drama series is about a group of friends in their early twenties who deal with living in an urban city. I was impressed by the level of acting and I especially love Dan! His cynicism and sinister nature are second to none… Watch Season One and Two…

Follow them @SpinDramaUK

Let me know your thoughts on any of the series above and feel free to recommend others. I think my next review will be things I have seen in the theatre (anyone seen Scottsboro Boys yet?) and exhibitions I have visited (Black Cultural Archives in Brixton is a must!)

Until the next time. xxx


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