Consistently Consistent

Revert to Plan B

The title of this post may seem grammatically incorrect (although I beg to differ; no squiggly green line has appeared underneath) but it is a phrase that I have grown to love. I wish I could lay claim to the fact that I created it but unfortunately, my creative juices have been trickling through rather slowly this month. This idiom actually belongs to my lovely sis, Lola SMD who casually slipped this into our regular perambulations about life and love (*taking a moment to appreciate my Captain. Exhale*)

She said that if there is one thing that is incomparable, it is a man that is consistently consistent. I couldn’t agree more as there is nothing more debilitating than a man that lacks consistency but I think it also applies to life in general, across the whole spectrum…not just in the context of love…

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit but I think the real underlying message here is consistency. Whatever you commit to, stick at it…

This isn’t always easy and I have had my fair share of downfalls along the way especially since starting my women’s network, Something Borrowed. Two failed launches, two wrong web designers and a botched plan for my next event. I was so down about it that I actually decided that I wasn’t going to continue with it at all. But thank God for great family and friends that have been a constant source of encouragement and this year after my life calms down a bit, I plan to get back on the horse.

It is absolutely essential to be consistently consistent with everything that we pursue not just in 2014 but beyond. We cannot afford to botch every failed plan just because it didn’t go right and I am definitely talking to myself more than anyone else. It is important that we remain steadfast and do not quit.

I will end with this example which also inspired me somewhat: watching vlogs are my guilty pleasure. I admit it; unashamed. And I enjoy the likes of YouTube sensations Shirley Eniang and Patricia Bright, the Brit Pop Princess; they easily have about 500,000 followers between them. But what is truly admirable is that they both started off with hardly any followers and the quality of the videos was not the greatest to say the least. Fast forward a couple of years and it hard to believe that their channels were ever in such a state. With endorsements flooding in left right and centre, they have shown how something small can truly flourish into something great. Again, I reiterate, we must be consistent with everything we pursue.

So I am heading over to my bin to fish out the things that I penned concerning some of my projects, business ventures and dreams. I might fail but I could also succeed. I have absolutely nothing to lose.

As my postgrad partner in crime, Fran Danmole would say, the journey continues…Day 1 of 21… xxx


4 thoughts on “Consistently Consistent

  1. I likey – obviously because you referenced me lol! But on a real… so very true. Sometimes I feel like throwing in the towel with my career, my dreams, my passions…. I start something and then I stop… fear sets in and then I can’t be bothered but there is always that niggling feeling of – but you love this, you’re good at this, you must do this! I’ve come to realise that if you’re doing anything at all, even if no one else benefits or sees the impact or your name doesn’t become known across the world, at least do it for yourself and your own self esteem. It would be sad to look back at your life and say, I wish I had done this, I wish I had done that. At least I can say, I wished, I attempted, some failed, some succeeded – thank God I tried 🙂 You only live once!

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