Career, Womanhood

Multitasking is a myth…



My mum is without a shadow of a doubt a phenomenal woman. Not only does she have a winner’s spirit and a fighter’s attitude, she is also a very deeply compassionate woman, loving, kind and selfless (I love my mama!) But as if all these attributes were not enough, she is also brilliant at multi-tasking and I do mean brilliant…

And no doubt the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. This well revered skillset has been passed onto my older sister. She can get all three of her kids ready and herself with her eyes closed, whip up breakfast , find time to pay bills online and still arrive 10 minutes earlier than the agreed time of meeting all whilst looking nothing short of fabulous (are you even human Page??)

Then there is me.

Let me just throw this assertion out there (just in case you missed the title of this piece) I AM NOT a multi-tasker and yes I am a woman.

Now of course I know I have to do it. It would be ludicrous to think otherwise. The 21st century demands it and if it is not our jobs then it’s our electronic devices which have been built to help us become better multi-taskers. I can now write a blog post on my iPad whilst listening to music and then publish it within seconds.

Multi-tasking has become something that we wear as a badge of honour. But is it really that good for us?

Research would actually suggest otherwise. Multitasking is taxing on the brain and this is especially true if we do activities that require the use of the same part of the brain. This could explain why so many people are constantly complaining of being ‘stressed’ and ‘burnt out.’

And it doesn’t stop there. We are not even that good at it! (Only 10% of the population are effective multi-taskers – shocking, I know!) It is a hindrance to our productivity so writing that all important email whilst scheduling dinner with your best friend over the phone isn’t very rewarding. Besides, the To-Do-List is still just as long by the end of the working day in any case!

So I am officially boycotting multitasking. Ok I take it back well at least I will make an attempt to do so but who am I kidding??!! I have a wedding to plan (he is absolutely aammmmaaaaazzzziiinnnggg *flips hair and dougies*), a full time job and I am a postgraduate student part time – HA! I think multitasking will be inevitable but at least I will try and limit it as much as possible; I will tackle one milestone at a time; now who’s with me??


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