Work Life: Make it Count! (Getting the most out of the working day)


Picture by Kellyawilliams

This piece may not be for everyone and if you know that you go to work skipping every day with eager anticipation as to what the day might hold, then look away now (of course I am not being serious, keep reading; where are your manners?) This piece is targeted at those who are subjected to:

  • Hazardous working conditions (the colleague who always has the flu)
  • Working with special people ( including the pedantic Procurement Officer, the meticulous Manager, the condescending Coordinator for Project X and the anal Assistant Director)
  • Completing monotonous, repetitive tasks that are absolutely ‘essential’ (the crucial spreadsheet that must be updated once a month lest the organisation falls apart but deep down you know that no one really looks at it; let’s call a spade a spade Steve)

Honestly, I feel your pain brother/sister but until we manage to get that amazing business venture off the ground I think I have found a way to make work a little bit more bearable… (It’s nothing revolutionary and unfortunately it is not a proposal for a four-day working week even though I would be the first person to sign that petition!)

It is something slightly different: UP YOUR GAME. Change your approach/attitude to work. That’s it. Nothing out of the ordinary, no amazing 10-point plan, just up your game plain and simple. Let me explain (I have a sneaking suspicion that I might be getting menacing glares coming my way…)

We spend a lot of time at work. A LOT. More than you probably spend with your family which is all the more reason why you must maximise your working hours. Make the most of the time and ensure that it is of benefit to YOU no matter how mundane it may be.   

A couple weeks back I was dreading writing my usual monthly report because it has to be absolutely perfect and I am NOT a details person. I am all about the other important D – DELIVERY. But rather than go through my usual period of moaning, I decided that I was going to approach this report in a new way; I was going to adopt a more positive attitude. I was going to up my game! I was going to put my all into this month’s report and produce something so exceptionally brilliant, so aesthetically captivating that there would be no room left for complaints/amendments/suggestions/sorry-to-be-picky emails…

And my goodness did it work! I felt such a renewed sense of enthusiasm, better motivated to achieve my goals and with a much greater appetite to take on more. So whilst work can sometimes be seemingly unbearable, we must employ little tactics to make sure WE get the most out of it. At the end of the day, whilst I understand that of course it is all about the pay cheque, we must realise that we are giving our employers something much more valuable that we can never get back – our time. Let’s make sure it is a worthwhile investment.




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