J.O.B = Just Over Broke, Part 2

SUIT (9 to 5)

I absolutely adore my ten year old niece. She has her moments as any ten year old would (good grief I still have my moments dammit) but she is ten times cooler than I was at that age. I’ll explain: she is smart, very smart (I have been assigned the role Aunty-In-Chief in preparation for her 11+ entry level exams; let’s just say I am questioning whether I really went to university *straight face*) she is bold, audacious and she has spunk; she has bite to her barkShe speaks her mind and is never ever afraid to ask questions and above all, she is a negotiator; she has mastered the skill (with ease mind you) of utilising the resources around her. I could most certainly learn a thing or two from her…

Two weeks ago, after visiting my older sister, my niece came back energised and inspired having learned how to bake cupcakes. She had her light bulb moment whilst pouring in the vanilla essence and stirring it into the mixture vigorously: she was going to start a cupcake business.  

She pitched her business proposal to me with ease. It was something short of phenomenal and it was so good that I was almost tempted to sign her up for the Dragon’s Den. She relayed in detail why it was in my best interests to invest in her cupcake business:

1)    No one would have to buy her credit for her phone because the income generated from the business would be used for that very purpose.

2)    She can call me in an emergency and she wouldn’t have to use the poor excuse of not having credit because she would be able to pay for the credit herself.

3)    She would be able to provide treats at every family function or shindig (any excuse to celebrate in my family) but ‘please note; there is no such thing as family in business Aunty Ola so all prices are non-negotiable.’ (she got it from her granny)

After I picked my jaw off the floor, I mustered up something that resembled ‘yes.’ It was impossible to say no in any case! How was I supposed to sleep soundly at night with that on my conscience?? But my niece was right on the money; she mastered the skill of harnessing the people around her in order to propel her dream. To date, she has:

a)    Roped me into writing an advert and paying for her supplies  

b)    Received two orders already and sat down to discuss ‘options’ with the parties in question.

c)    Ordered beautiful business cards online (did I hear someone say vistaprint? Did you miss the part where I said ‘beautiful?’ Welcome in– business cards that are so beautiful you won’t want to give them out)

And whilst I did laugh raucously at the audacity of it (I didn’t think she would actually charge her ‘bestest’ Aunty) the full extent of what she had done sank in. My niece didn’t just merely talk about starting up a business venture, she took action almost immediately. Of course in the grown up world (oh to be young again- Peter Pan was clearly onto something) our marketing strategy would have to be a lot of more advanced, our financial forecasts more credible bla bla bla but the lesson to be learnt here is that we need to take action and do something about our creative ventures TODAY. Thea Green, the founder of Nails Inc. discovered a niche in the market after travelling to New York for work purposes. She realised that in London we had no such thing as a ‘nail bar’ a place where you could get a speedy manicure to match your speedy lifestyle. When she got back to London, she alongside a close friend mustered up all their savings to start Nails Inc and she is expected to turn over £22 million this year. Not bad at all for someone who quit their full time job at a high end glossy magazine to pursue their dreams. Come on people; work with me here… (Literally) It’s time to put your money where your mouth is… 🙂

Until the next time! Xxx


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