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J.O.B= Just Over Broke: why entrepreneurship has become the ever enticing model

Johanna Goodyear, Dreamstime stock photos Hit that button!!

Johanna Goodyear, Dreamstime stock photos
Hit that button!!


I am not one to usually take to the timeline of twitter to rant but Tuesday proved to be the exception to the rule (follow me @lady_writes). God knows I tried that morning; (patience is a virtue that I am still desperately trying to cultivate) but by lunchtime, I just about lost it.

 I usually have a pleasant journey into work since discovering that the DLR is a far more reliable alternative to the dreaded, doom and gloom of the jubilee line. My journey is laced with beautiful scenery, a guaranteed seat and finally but most importantly – AIR; I actually get to breathe. On Tuesday however, my journey was marred with delays, disgruntled commuters coupled with unbearable humidity (cue *blank stare*) But my horror hadn’t fully matured. By the time I got into work, the tea point was broken and all the toilets were blocked with this foul orange gunk that produced an odour that can only be described as offensive; will it ever end?! And I think that was what really sent me over the edge; I had reached breaking point so I took to twitter and hurled a barrage of insults at the ‘system’; the system that has truly been ‘selling us dreams’ (cheers Kofo for the befitting phrase) by leading us to believe that a 9-5 is both gratifying and rewarding. I have come to realise that it gives us one thing and one thing only: a false sense of security. 

 Now I don’t hate my job not by any stretch of the imagination. I like my team, I like my role, I like my organisation and I love the environment. BUT I do find that the whole 9-5 thing can be quite soul destroying at times: the dreaded feeling of living from one pay check to the next …or the back and forth dialogue that usually takes place between the financially prudent You and the reckless-You-Only-Live-Once You. I didn’t imagine that life after uni would resemble this at all. Now I finally understand why those that have gone before me have constantly emphasised – ‘enjoy it whilst you can.’

 In an age where redundancies have become an intrinsic part of organisational structures, pensions are slowly disappearing and payday loans have been exposed for what they truly are (interest rates work out to well over 1000% on an annual basis –WTH?!) entrepreneurship has not only become a viable option but in some cases the only option.

 With budding entrepreneurs surfacing every other day from the technology haven, Silicon Valley; our friends across the pond should not be the only ones that are revelling in the success of defying the traditional norms of the capitalist system. Jack Dorsey, the creator of Twitter (also a college dropout) was scoffed at when he pitched the concept of being able to share your thoughts in less than 140 characters. But obviously we know who is laughing all the way to the bank now as in literally (by 2014 it will be worth a cool £800 million)

 I am not suggesting that we hand in our resignations tomorrow (HA!) but you might want to think about starting something on the side to bolster your monthly wage. Heaven forbid that we remain a ‘slave to the wage’ (such a cool idiom thanks Bola) until we are 65 (sorry scratch that, it’s now 66). I mean who wants to work until they can barely stand and then survive on a miniscule allowance every month?! With George Osbourne continuing to paint an even foggier picture of the future of ‘Great’ Britain,’ we are left with little option than to take a cue from Margaret Thatcher and rescue ourselves; we can no longer rely on the state to help us. Kudos to the Conservatives who have indeed tried their best to reverse the rapid rate of unemployment (the £2500 start-up loans scheme created for those aged 18-24 has now been expanded to those aged up to 30) but it still doesn’t suffice. It’s time we took matters into our own hands quite literally. Pick up a pen and write that business plan!

Until the next time! Xxx


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