Confessions of a Social Butterfly

Ok so it is important that before I go into the crux of this piece, I make a public apology. I know I said that by the time my next post is up, my blog would have received a makeover- well there has been a slight glitch and some technical difficulties so it will not be ready until early next month now! (*crying face*). The main problem is that it looks like I will have to move home. I LOVE wordpress but it turns out that I may have to move over to blogspot due to HTML coding and other foreign technical speak that I cannot decipher but I will definitely keep you posted and I hope you will move along with me if need be?? (pretty please) Anyhoo, watch this space for further details…in the meantime, enjoy my newest piece below! xx

I am only 26. But I feel like I am 26 going on 40 (slightly melodramatic; I know). And this is not because I don’t have an active social life, on the contrary, by all standards, my social life is as it should be for a young 26 year old woman who has no children or husband to boot. Most weeks are usually saturated with highly anticipated catch ups over coffee, a cocktail at a swanky bar with colourful conversation and of course because family is super important, time with my ‘terror squad’ (nieces and nephews). And it doesn’t stop there, I try and attend social gatherings or a theatre production of some sort and basically do something of the usual vicissitudes’ as to not ‘waste’ my weekend. The week usually culminates with a church service on Sunday and all this melded into one makes for great storytelling; it could perhaps explain why my social life is more colourful than a box of Crayola Crayons.

But I have a confession to make; I am not as socially adept as I appear to be. As time wears on, I have started to notice that I jump up with glee when my diary proudly beckons towards the free evening that I have on the Tuesday which means only one thing: I can curl up with a riveting read, a cup of tea and my trusted duvet.

And therein lies the problem. Often time, we feel under pressure to have an active social life as to avoid being seen as dry or drab. As young 20 something’s, we are encouraged to maximise our days and live life to the fullest lest we shrivel up and wither away like prunes. As a result, we fill our lives with everything and anything that looks remotely interesting.

However, the key is to strike balance; variation is a must. Every week should not look exactly the same in that we are constantly busy. Needless to say, it doesn’t mean that every week should also be spent at home doing nothing; I can’t think of anything more painful.

Whilst it is important to keep busy (I believe I am more productive when I am busy) it is equally important to make sure that you factor in down time. So in between the coffee catchups and zumba sessions with our friends that keep us sane, it is crucial that we also factor in ‘me-time’. Such times are essential for recuperating, rejuvenating and strategising for the week ahead. So on that note, I will end with this: for the dense diaries lovers where free days are far and few between, make 2013 your year of balance; alternate your weeks so that you can actually start making regular appointments with not just everyone else but yourself too. Shoulders to the helm- lets go!


2 thoughts on “Confessions of a Social Butterfly

  1. I can totally relate to this post. My problem is that I often question whether I have a social life and then find myself adding more things to my diary which only makes me worn out in the end. Learning to say no to things is key and accepting that you cannot be involved in everything is also important!

    As always, your writing skills makes your post so enjoyable. As with all other followers I demand that you post more frequently.

    • I totally agree with that! At times, I notice that my diary is rather bland so I just start saying yes to attending different events etc but then I too end up worn out at the end of the month! And I definitely concur re your latter comment- learning to say no is a part of growing up.

      Thanks Kofo; sincerely appreciated each and every time. And point definitely taken re blogging more frequently also! I will take this on boards ASAP!!

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