New year, New you?

Birthday cake 1

Happy New Year one and all! Also it’s the 1st Anniversary of my blog! Happy 1st Anniversary to LadyWrites Chronicles; oh what an amazing journey it has been…thank you so much for reading all my posts and supporting the journey thus far.

So 2013 is in full swing and Christmas indeed seems like a distant memory. I am now actually willing the end of the month to come now; I am so skint! And considering I need to be financially prudent this year, not a great way to start…but we thank God nonetheless!

I am super excited about what 2013 has in store and I have every right to be. For starters two people that are very dear to me will be getting married (the final countdown is on!!!!), I will be making a desperate attempt to begin my Yoruba lessons (Oludumare, joh ooo) and I will be hosting another Something Borrowed Women’s Networking event; what is there not to be excited about??

So roll on 2013. Let’s get this show on the road. There is too much to do this year but that doesn’t mean that I will fill my diary aimlessly. Every meeting will have to be with purpose this year; time is of the essence…what will you be doing that’s new?

I decided to streamline my goals this year too. Normally, I have an endless list of goals that are divided into specific areas and whilst I still have goals that have been created for specific areas of my life (such as spirituality, finance, career, socially etc) I have ensured that they are a) measurable and b) they are limited to three to four goals for each area. This should make them much more achievable and leave me feeling less stressed come December. On a separate note, I noticed a lot of people are ditching New Year’s resolutions/goals and have decided to just live life as a free spirit; what did you guys decide to do? I think I am a bit too anal not to have any goals; the thought of that is just plain scary!

Anyhoo, please note that the next time you will be reading a blog post on this fantastic site, it will be against an amazing backdrop. My blog is getting a makeover 🙂  The blog designer shall also be unveiled for all of you who are active bloggers and are toying with the idea of revamping your blog…Until the next time! (which will be fairly soon. Scouts honour :-))


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