Overcoming the insatiable desire for social networking

At the start of the year, I made a critical decision; not a life changing one but an important one nonetheless. I decided to purge myself of all forms of social networking (albeit, I am a recent convert to Twitter and after getting much motivation from the likes of @Epic_Women and @vw94, I will not be leaving Twitter anytime soon). My rationale may raise a few eyebrows and cause a few ‘dislikes’ so I think this would be an appropriate time to place a caveat around my reasoning: I do not advocate that social networking is wrong because it does have many advantages one of them being to raise awareness of your business etc. However, it does come with a few irks and hiccups that rub me up the wrong way much like George Osbourne. That being said, one of my many motto’s for life is: ‘To each their own’ so of course you are more than entitled to do as you please! The joy of living in such a libertarian state…

‘Keeping in touch’

So I constantly hear that the likes of BBM, Facebook, What’s App, Google plus, Linked In, Instagram, Twitter (selah – am I missing any?!) is a great way to keep in touch with friends. I would disagree with this justification emphatically. I’ll explain. Let’s be serious. How many people have actually made an effort to contact me since going cold turkey. You’d be surprised that some of the people I used to speak to every other day via BBM, now only contact me every other fortnight – if that. That’s because the mandatory ‘pings’ on BBM or the  friendly ‘pokes’ on Facebook has merely become a ‘check box’ activity; a covert way to show that you care. If you really genuinely wanted to check on my ‘well-being,’ you would be able to do so without using social networking as a crutch; (you know who you are)…

The rise of the Narcissist?

Now this by far has to be my biggest irk with social networking. Is it me or does social networking tend to awake the sleeping narcissist within us all? It has become a way to create that all important self-image; a tool that is used to manage the way in which we are perceived by others. For example, do you really need to place the caveat ‘#no filter’ around your picture?? Who cares whether it is filtered or not?! You look pretty. End of. Or do we really need to see the back shot of you in that amazing figure hugging dress that proves what exactly?? And wait, there’s more – what about the picture of the car keys lying ‘casually’ on the table coupled with the split shot of the licence plate of the car in question; I wonder what the intention behind that picture is exactly…Or what about my personal favourite; the photo of the young lady and her other half before they are about to step out on Friday night, the meal that was consumed together on Saturday and then the picture of their intertwined hands symbolising ‘#oneness’ on Sunday. Please.Spare.Me. What happened to honouring the sacredness of your relationship?? And if the relationship happens to dissolve, the young lady is now forced to go through the onerous task of deleting all photographic evidence. Surely not everyone should be privileged enough to have full access to the intricate details of your relationship and in turn your life  to begin with anyway??

Excuse me if I am old school but one of the most important life lessons that my mother gave me is this: ‘don’t announce your success; let your success announce you.’ And I think it is finally beginning to make sense. It’s high time we started using social networking which is undoubtedly, an extremely powerful medium to spread more productive and meaningful messages.

Until the next time folks! #powertothepeople…


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