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Book review: Becoming Esther by Charles R. Swindoll

This year (2012), one of my goals is to create blueprints of the great women in the Bible that I would like to emulate. I was thrilled therefore when my cousin bought me ‘Becoming Esther‘ by Charles R. Swindoll. This is an amazing book that delves deep into a story of courage, meekness and obedience; it provides a thorough analysis of the attributes and characteristics that made Esther such a great queen. Some of the key things I learnt include:

English: 2:17 Esther became queen to the King ...

1. Obedience – she trusted the council of her uncle and listened to him when he told her not to reveal her heritage when she went for the line up to become Queen; this worked in her favour because ultimately, she ended up saving her people.

2. Courage – one of the best one liners of all time came from Esther: ‘If I perish, I perish.’ She promised her uncle that she would make her petition known to the King and even though in ancient Persian times, you were not allowed to go before the King unless you were summoned, she risked her life and did it anyway.

3. Wisdom – she strategically planned the best time to tell the King, her husband, that his right hand man was planning to commit mass genocide by wiping out her people. She knew when to be quiet and when to speak. And more importantly, she prepared herself; she fasted and told all her maidservants to fast as well.

This is a great read for any woman attempting to have both intelligence and beauty; Esther typified all these things and led by example so why not learn from one of the greatest Queen’s that ever lived?

Rating: 8/10


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