This Woman’s worth…

To all my loyal readers (and in turn my fellow supporters- you truly keep me going so thank you!) I must apologise for not blogging in almost four weeks! To say that things have been hectic is an understatement! But there is no rest in the world of fierceness so we press on and conquer…so this one is for you- my lovely readers who are astute, intelligent and fiercely beautiful (and handsome of course…let’s not exclude my fantastic male readers ;-)­

As I write this, I hope that it will still be available for my daughter to read when she is finally born (mummy if you are reading this, I am not pregnant; no seriously, I’m not). I am quite sure that by then, smart phones will have the ability to type what you tell it with the way that technology is progressing so quickly (if this materialises in 2016, you heard it here first; copyright- LadyWrites- love the play on words…)

And it’s important that women from the present generation and generations to come read this and live it. Now this is not to say that I am the single voice of truth or by no means am I implying that I know it all but I have learnt a few things during my 25 years on earth and it is only right that I share it (don’t ever say I never give you anything)…so lets proceed. I will provide the topic of conversation and you can…well…do what you do best- interact. It is a topic that is often bypassed but is so relevant and will forever remain relevant until women cease to exist- A Woman’s worth. And please make no mistake, I am by no means a ‘feminist’ or a ‘bra burner’ as I have often been accused but I just strongly believe in the importance of understanding a Woman’s worth…

‘Woman’- the incredible creation…

Women are by far the most beautiful creation to come from heaven. Only a woman can hold a child for 9 months and then find superior strength to deliver the baby at the appointed time. And only a woman can see the beauty in something even before it has come into full being and can provide the gentle coaxing that is required to bring out the best in that thing. Yes women are truly amazing…. but somewhere ­­­­along the line something has gone horribly wrong; women have been devaluing themselves in ways that would make matriarchs such as Emeline Pankhurst churn in her grave…We are suffering unduly from pain that is self inflicted; yes we are our own worst enemy.

Emeline Pankhurst, Leader of the Suffragettes movement in the 18th century

This woman’s worthless

And I say this because so many of us (myself included TRUSSSSTTT ME) say the infamous phrases ‘I would never take that from any man’ (and you know you would and you have so stop lying). We sing the independent woman anthems; we walk with an aloofness that would make our mothers proud- back straight, heads up, shoulders snapped into place. But how many times have we gone against our morals, compromised our beliefs and then actually typified the very thing that we vowed ourselves never to become? Evolved into the very woman that we loathed with such passion?? Such women including:

  • The dealing with the case-of-the-ex woman (who ever invented the phrase three’s a crowd? It sums this up perfectly)
  • The I-will-give-him-just-one-more-chance-woman? (The first time might have been a genuine mistake, the second time was a choice..)
  • The ‘but-I-love-him-and-he-is-the-only-one-for-me woman’ (even though you and I both know that the writing is clearly written on the wall)
  • The lopsided relationship woman…and yes whilst the proverbial saying suggests that it is better to give than to receive, that shouldn’t justify why you give 80% (lets be real with us women we go all out)…I stand corrected…. 100% and he doesn’t even meet you half way but yet we stay…why???!!!!
  • Or as my trusted friend so rightly coined it, the woman that is in a ‘relationship’ without the commitment or the exclusivity. That way he can continue to feign ignorance and act like you are just a ‘good friend’ and you go along with the ride because it is better to have him in your life than not at all (someone please pass me a bucket)…and all this for what??

Apologies for the frank tone but someone please enlighten me as to why us women do this to ourselves? The reason completely eludes me….so this will be part one of many blogs on this topic because I just couldn’t do it justice all in one sitting so over the next couple of weeks I will be sharing views from other women I have encountered and women that I have personally studied and together we will unpick what it truly means to be a woman with worth!


13 thoughts on “This Woman’s worth…

  1. Miss Smith says:

    Beautifully written & so ON POINT! They need to teach women the basics: self worth & self respect! Otherwise things will only get worse.

    • ladywriteschronicles says:

      Thanks Shontel! Too too true! I guess I will be getting your views as part of this ongoing series 🙂 thanks again for reading it chick. Xx

  2. I like not only because of the subject of the matter but because of how simply put together yet captivatingly interesting the words are written. Now for the topic, that’s a tough cookie to crack. Because even when we discuss amongst ourselves and come to the conclusion of what we are worth… bearing in mind that some of us even know our worth; we still do the same thing again just like you said.. I really don’t know, is it the superwoman, loving woman or emotionally depraved woman streak within us… Albeit from my personal experience, I’ve come to understand that the more you love yourself and see yourself the way God sees you, the lesser you hurt yourself by devaluing yourself. Not knowing your worth is the deepest self inflicted pain of all…

    • ladywriteschronicles says:

      Thanks Esther. Love some of the points you have raised here and I think something that resonates strongly with what you said is loving Christ more and seeing yourself the way he sees you. I think even though it’s really hard sometimes when you get hurt for example to focus on that, it is sooooo important that you do if you ever are going to have a shot at being with someone that truly values you and recognises your worth.

      Thanks again!! Love it.

  3. Fikky says:

    Nice. Why do we do this to ourselves? Perhaps it’s because we are needy- for intimacy, affection, attention..etc. Well with many counselors, there is safety- a tendency to make right choices so we do not become worth-less.

    • ladywriteschronicles says:

      Thanks Fikky. I think your right and I for one do require intimacy and affection because I am a woman and that’s how I have been built. But I think the key think is understanding that your desire for it should never be at the detriment of your values and beliefs..

      Thanks for reading Fikky and commenting!

  4. So you mean to tell me there is a variety of women out there…My Goodness…I’m perplexed…nonetheless a very good read. However…I must raise this argument… are you saying in a nutshell a women’s worth depends on how she responds to the opposite sex? Just asking by the way…

    • ladywriteschronicles says:

      Lol. Yes there are Ranti and sometimes one woman can Typify a variety of such women. There is nothing wrong with it, it’s just about making sure we learn from our mistakes…

      Now onto your question, definitely not. The definition of a woman’s worth is not dependent on how she relates to the opposite sex but often time this does play a very key role. This is just one aspect I have covered on a very broad topic but as the weeks go by I will be covering other areas.

      Thanks alot Ranti; I really appreciate it! Xxxxxx

  5. If this is just part one I have a feeling our conversation is going to appear in the coming weeks *gulps*!!

    LOL maybe you can help me change me ways! Looking forward to the rest 🙂

    • ladywriteschronicles says:

      Hahahahahahaha!!! Our conversation spurred this article on Ayo! I had been thinking about releasing this for a while but you gave me the nudge I needed lmaooo.

      Yes maybe I will change you’re mind 🙂

      Thanks for reading this bro. Xxx

  6. Folake Ojo says:

    I love the different categories of Ladies, it’s so true! But i must add; those catagories sum up “the strong woman”. If a man was to go through what we go through as women or had to accept what we accept as women, their hearts would literally give way.

    Keep up the good work Ola. Flo xx

    • ladywriteschronicles says:

      Omdzzzzz this is what I am talking about…absolutely love your take on this Folake. Very interesting viewpoint and I never thought about this…

      Thanks Folake and thanks for reading it and engaging as well. Xxxx

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