Early morning lectures to mid morning latte’s….

The trusted and loyal pump

Exactly two years ago, I was afforded the opportunity of working on the biggest sporting event to date- the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. And as much as most Londoners maintained a level of cynicism about the London 2012 Games (and to some extent still do now- no you will not be stuck underground for 10 hours and yes you still will be able to walk across the street to your local shop), to say that my optimism and enthusiasm was brimming over the edge is an understatement. I was in my early 20’s, still wet behind the ears and ready to unleash my potential on the world of work. I felt I had a personal responsibility to ensure that my borough –Newham (which is a host borough -and thanks to the Games we are officially back on the map) benefited the most from it and that a lasting legacy was secured for all East Londoners (This makes for brilliant speech writing- Ed Miliband take note).

And the 1st of February marks the two years since I started my role and as happy as I was to kiss the textbooks goodbye and swap my SOAS uni hoodie for a tailored Zara blazer, I can’t help but resent the fact that the light that once shone effervescently is starting to flicker. The excitement that was once etched on my face has quickly been replaced with a limp smile. The shoe boots that helped to solidify the ‘boss lady’ persona have gone on annual leave- permanently. My flat pumps, which I vowed myself never to become too acquainted with, have become my new trusted friend (sorry Ibby).

So I decided to retrace my steps to pin point when exactly it all started to go wrong. I began to question myself as to how I got to the place I currently am at now (advance warning: please excuse the alliteration, it wasn’t intentional):

  • Disillusioned and disengaged
  • Frustrated and fed up
  • Agonized and annoyed

And I feel all of these things because I expected so much more from the world of work! It wasn’t supposed to be like this! I have officially acclimatised to the real world and have become another cog in the wheel…Just another employee number. FACT.

Nobody gave me a heads up that the weekend would last as long as my lipstick or that getting up on Monday morning’s would be as hard as squeezing a camel through a needles eye or indeed that I would have to start from the very bottom and turn a blind eye to a number of things that would warrant a slap from where I’m from. No…please excuse my naivety and apologies if I come across as someone that has feigned ignorance but I definitely didn’t get that memo.

But despite feeling like this day in and day out, I have come to a very important realisation. There most certainly is a reason as to why God has placed me in my current position and whilst it may be slightly uncomfortable, He never, ever once promised that the ascent to the top would be easy. He can’t give us the whole picture and if you are as controlling as I can be (I am already thinking about 2013), you would most probably opt to change a few things and try to narrate the story for Him (note to God: could you just give me a hint as to whether I will end up in the White House or not? Kind regards, Ola)

And that’s just the point, it isn’t your story, it’s His. Since He is the only one in possession of the manuscript we must cling to Him in order to arrive at the expected end. No matter how difficult and distressing your current job or situation may be, you must realise that this is just one bus stop en route to the final destination; it is not the final stop. Every situation is the preparatory ground for the next level of progression.  And if you have started to lose sight of the dreams that you once conjured up during those dull lectures whilst at uni, then let them become alive again; don’t let your current environment impair your vision. As TD Jakes says ‘anything that affects your vision will impair your mobility’. So keep pressing on; whatever your goal or dream is, don’t loose sight of it! You will get there in the end…the plot is all a part of the masters plan 😉


16 thoughts on “Early morning lectures to mid morning latte’s….

  1. Charmaine says:

    Ola how is it that you are talking about EXACTLY how I’ve been feeling right now about work! Whilst I am most grateful to actually have a job, it is a horrible feeling to be in one and unhappy…I will continue to look to you for inspiration to keep going! 🙂

  2. Farah Mohammoud says:

    I really enjoyed reading this Ola – you have an incredible way of writing. It’s very inspiring and funny …. I loved what you said about – “Every situation is the preparatory ground for the next level of progression” (I’m gonna steal that quote from you lol) ….keep it up!! Farah 🙂

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